Real-life Agility Metrics And Visualizations at Scrum Days 2017

Several weeks ago, during the Scrum Days 2017 conference,  I was honoured to give a talk about real-life agility metrics and visualisations I have been trying for years.

The presentation is available here. Please watch in the presentation mode as there are over 100 interactive steps/animations available.

By inviting you to my world of metrics and visualisations, I tried to provoke you to:

  • check your intuitions against the data,
  • analyse trends as agility has no end-state,
  • measure with the Agile Manifesto in mind,
  • experiment with metrics,
  • and finally don’t be afraid of FAIL, as FAIL means „First Attempt In Learning”

You could see the process of building the ultimate agility metric, the evolution of process metrics from vanity ones to evidence-based, and lots of success and fail stories.

I hope my talk didn’t leave you indifferent.

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